Blueberry muffins are always a favorite, so we’ve made sure to pack ours with the plumpest blueberries. Bite into this classic muffin and you’ve got a taste you’re sure to love. Click to learn more.

Chocolate Chip

Voila! A soy and dairy free chocolate chip muffin that tastes amazing. Chocolate chip muffins and a cold glass of milk, just the way you want. Need it to be dairy-free? Explore varieties of coconut, almond and hemp milk. Click to learn more.


Light, fluffy and moist, with an oven-baked texture and aroma. Our Banana muffin serves as a great all day eat or a fine specialty muffin. Heating these in your own oven will feel like you baked them yourself! Click to learn more.

Lemon Zest


Have you tried our Lemon muffins with a cup of hot breakfast tea or your favorite dark roast coffee? It’s divine! Grab the paper and enjoy your soon-to-be favorite morning muffin. Click to learn more.



Getting ready for a morning run? Why not stimulate your body and your taste buds? Grab a Zucchini muffin after a workout and surprise your senses while you feel good about replenishing your body. Click to learn more.

Vegan Banana

One more reason to go vegan. When refreshing whole ground flaxseed meets our ripened bananas, the result is the latest, tastiest addition to your egg-free diet. The chicken has flown the coop! Click to learn more.